Cheryl grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and graduated from Erie Community College and the University of Buffalo in 1974.  She joined Dr. Menendez’s team in 1988.  As a periodontal therapist, Cheryl is an integral part of Dr. Menendez’s periodontal program, creating health and improving well-being of patients every day.  Her years of dedication to her profession are exemplified by the uncompromising care she delivers to her patients.

She and her husband Mike were married in 1975 and together they have two grown sons and two incredible grandchildren.  Cheryl enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, biking and practicing yoga.

Cheryl says, “Dr. Menendez has earned my admiration over the years for his kindness, respect, honesty and generosity toward our patients. I have been truly blessed to stand witness to such a phenomenal doctor.”