Karen began working full-time at Comprehensive Dental Care after Dr. Menendez presented her with a career opportunity at the end of an externship that she was participating in through Central Florida Institute where she received her training and certification on Expanded Function and Radiology in 2014.

Like Dr Menendez, Karen’s native country is Cuba; she came to the US by way of New Mexico in 2005 and has enjoyed living in Florida ever since, although she loves to travel back home and experience the closeness of her beautiful culture.

Karen has a son named Liam, whom she adores. When not at work, Karen likes to spend time with her number one priority, (you guessed it!) as well as the rest of her family and group of friends, taking day trips and seeing new places.

With Karen’s bilingual communication abilities and up-to-date skill set, she has been a delightful extension of our team at CDC, and her willingness to help others and learn new things brings a source of inspiration to everyone she meets.