New-Captain-Bob-HoldenCaptain Bob chose Ceramic Crowns and Porcelain Veneers to restore his badly worn teeth. His objective was to avoid losing teeth and wearing dentures. Bob’s treatment choice will ensure him a lifetime of dental health and the pleasure of eating and smiling with permanent teeth.


“I have been coming to CDC for almost 25 years and I have always been happy with the care I received. As a captain who navigated ships through the Panama Canal, I know how important it is to be precise. Dr. Menendez provides his patients with excellent dentistry delivered with precision and offers no compromise in his quality. I did not want to lose my teeth and wear a denture. Dr. Menendez performed treatment that would not only restore my teeth but would help my keep my teeth for my lifetime. It was painless and I now have solid, permanent teeth with a great cosmetic outcome!"

Captain Bob Holden,